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What are the THP-Plus & THP+FC Participant Tracking Systems and who can use them?

The THP-Plus and the THP+FC Participant Tracking Systems (PTS) are free online databases that capture demographic information and outcomes data on THP-Plus and THP+FC participants. The systems are managed by John Burton Advocates for Youth. The systems can be used by state certified providers to enter participant data and extract a variety of reports. County representatives can also gain access to the system, and can run a variety of reports on the service providers in their counties.

What do I need to do to access the systems?

Every agency must return a signed copy of the User Agreement to John Burton Advocates for Youth and view a web-based training on the system they will be using. After fulfilling these requirements, users will receive a secure login and password.

If you are a THP-Plus or THP+FC certified provider or county  representative, and are interesting in becoming a PTS user or have questions about the PTS, contact:

Simone Tureck, Associate Policy Director
John Burton Advocates for Youth
(415) 693-1323


NOTE: although these manuals were developed and trainings were conducted for THP-Plus PTS Users prior to the launch of the THP+FC PTS, they are applicable for both systems. (The THP+FC PTS is almost identical to the THP-Plus PTS).

Archived web seminars for training purposes:


The THP-Plus Participant Tracking System is available to registered users at

The THP+FC Participant Tracking System is available to registered users at